Who We Are

The Mansa Musa Project. is recognized as one of the top African American led mentoring organization.

Will Harvey, a product of the inner city with limited resources was raised in a single parent home which contributed to his passion of “making something out of nothing”.  Blessed to have mentors that helped guide, empower, and challenge the odds stacked against him, Will set out to develop an organization for youth that promotes healthy social skills, strong interpersonal skills, self-worth, and confidence.

The Mansa Musa Project is named after Mansa Musa. Musa who is believed to have been the richest person in the world, even by today’s standards did not want just wealth and power but sought knowledge.  With a similar desire, Will graduated from Booker T. Washington’s high school for Engineering Professions and went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management from Louisiana State University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University. Upon completion of college, Will’s dedication and determination afforded him the opportunity to play professional football which opened doors to his current successful entrepreneurship. He plans to utilize his knowledge, skills, healthy relationships, motivation, and drive to pour into the lives of the youth in the community. 


Believing in a higher power no matter What your religion is.


Striving for excellence in education.

Equality and Justice

Understanding the rules and laws in today's society. Knowing your rights and why we have them.

Community Involvement

Working on the improvement of our community.