Grabbing our Future

We have all heard it before, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” So what happens to the youth of our communities that fall through the cracks of society? The goal of the Mansa Musa Project is to change the mindset of our struggling youth to help them evolve into striving young adults that are goal-oriented, in order for them to lead productive lives. We hope to positively influence those aged 9-18 through active counseling, mentoring, parent assistance, and tutoring.


Listed below is a closer look into the programs we offer:


    Youth Counseling in Houston:

The Mansa Musa Project in Houston utilizes hands-on counseling resources to help our students succeed. Our goal is to inform students and parents alike about the benefits of counseling, while also helping guide them through mental health struggles and/or trauma throughout their life. We require families to complete an initial referral form, which can be done online or through your child’s school. Once this form has been completed, our counselor will have a meeting with your student. Students will be referred to local agencies to complete any needed counseling based on the assessments completed.


    Youth Mentoring in Houston:

Our youth mentoring program in Houston is dedicated to providing direct attention to the inner city youths that are living in single-parent homes, without male influence in their home or life. We understand the importance of providing strong male role models in the community and provide this through close mentorship. Our mentoring program often includes events such as sports games, social gatherings, black tie events, basic etiquette classes, and providing helpful information for establishing life skills.


    Parent Assistance in Houston:

Parenting is difficult, especially for single parents trying to raise their children while also working. Our goal is to create a productive relationship between parents/guardians, their children, and their children’s school. It is important for parents to be able to identify triggers for their children, as well as how to facilitate an encouraging environment in order for their children to feel the support they need to succeed.


    Youth Tutoring in Houston:

Our youth tutoring program in Houston is designed with the goal of providing one on one academic and emotional support for aspiring scholars through encouragement and positive behavior. We work with students to come up with personalized assessments and plans to succeed in classes. Whether your child is in need of help in one class or in all of them, our teachers can help find solutions for their specific academic needs.


Youth Outreach Program in Houston

The Mansa Musa Project is an agency providing mentoring programs for youth from ages 9-18 years in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. The program will form partnerships with local school districts, neighborhood community centers, and the juvenile court system. Our goal is to foster a commitment to young males by providing exposure to life outside of their normal surroundings that will promote prosocial friendships, strong interpersonal skills, self-confidence that would reassert a sense of hope in the future, and much more. If you are interested in learning more about how this program can benefit your family, reach out to us today.